MEGASCOLE WARRIOR RUBINE is a 3D Shoot Em Up, or Rail Shooter, designed to be in a similar vein to the likes of Panzer Dragoon, Sin & Punishment, and Star Fox. Designed to be a direct throwback to the era of arcades and Sega Saturns, Rubine aims to eschew much of the fluff and distraction of modern gaming in favor of a tightly focused package of hair trigger rail shooting action. With a planned 6-8 levels, MWR trades runtime for pure arcade quality.


MEGASCOLE WARRIOR RUBINE utilizes a fairly low-poly visual style to emulate the likes of the Sega Model 2 arcade board and the Sega Saturn, along with a copious heaping helping of 90s anime aesthetic. Rubine of course aims to have its own distinct identity alongside taking influence from the past, and thus is quite a bit more graphically flourished than would be possible on old arcade machines.


Megascole Warrior Rubine is a shooting game in which the player, as Rubine, is propelled automatically in a fixed path through the environment. The player can maneuver around the screen to dodge obstacles, and shoot incoming enemies using Rubine's impressive arsenal.

Using an in-game cursor, Rubine can aim her weaponry across all 4 corners of the screen. This cursor is controlled using either a mouse or the right analog stick. Holding down the shoot button will cause her to fire a projectile in the direction of the aiming reticle.

Tapping the melee button will make Rubine perform a close-ranged slash attack. This attack has a high damage output and can deflect certain projectiles, turning them back on their source to devastating effect.

Tapping the Evade button will cause Rubine to swiftly phase a short distance in the direction the Move stick is held. It is the “dodge roll” of this game, you could say. Different contextual animations play for this maneuver depending on Rubine’s current state, but they all behave the same way.

During certain sequences, the camera will turn to Rubine's side, changing her movement controls to act more akin to a 2D horizontal shooter. During these phases, Rubine is capable of shooting in all directions around her XY coordinates, but cannot aim into the background.


In the world of Iapetus, above the clouds lies a fleet of gigantic floating hives and skyships, combining elements of mechanical and biological tech wizardry. These ships house a race of peacekeeping bee fairies known as Bumblebons. The Bumblebons tasked with preserving nature and peace throughout the planet, but this has unfortunately led to many conflicts of interest with multiple parties, mostly with humans aligned with the United Colonies of Vespusia (UCV). As they’ve mostly kept to themselves for the longest time, their destructive tech is limited to defense mechanisms for their hives, so their actual armies have been easy pickings for those who wish to take away from them. As the UCV would continue to destroy nature and ravage the planet if left unchecked, stopping them was a vital yet impossible priority.

Everything changed, however, with the initialization of a normally forbidden project put forward by the infamous Dr. Ikarbee, then serving isolation for immortal experiments on fellow Bumblebons in the past. In a last ditch effort, he was released and given the resources to enact a most dangerous, terrible initiative: Project MEGASCOLE. And it didn't take long for the fruits of his labor to materialize.

Megascoles: A marvel of biological technology, Megascoles are similar in construction to the Bumblebon hives but reinforced with highly experimental and dangerous magitech derived from a highly classified source. While they’re for all intents and purposes giant mecha (relative to inch-tall bumblebons), one of many sinister truths to their creation is that their autonomous brains are created by harvesting the brain matter from fallen soldier and worker bumblebons, and combining their shared personalities into one. As every party involved quickly found out, they're leagues above any technology ever concieved by the bumblebons before, easily capable of ripping entire human fleets and armies apart singlehandedly, and are soon classified as a WMD/existential threat by the UCV.



The only character you play in this game. A Megascole, one of soon-to-be-many of these mechanical wonders, she was engineered to be cold, distant, and focused on the task at hand. She doesn’t have much personal investment in the current political goings-on, or even the carnage unfolding in front of her, but she does have a soft spot for her partner Deemu and enjoys conversing with her mid-mission.


Rubine’s partner/sidekick, she’s a good deal weaker than Rubine but can still pack a punch when she needs to. In contrast to her superior, she’s much more airy and lighthearted, and somehow more aware of current events and human culture. She can communicate telepathically with Rubine, even when they’re offline. In fact, while offline she can drag Rubine’s consciousness into her dreams for further connection. Indeed, her advanced mental state is something to behold, but it can be quite worrisome when you observe it closely.