The far east country of Tenryu, having recovered from a great pacific war that devastated most of the country's resources, enjoyed a few years of prosperity after a reconstruction period headed by a new governing body led by the enigmatic Shakunetsu Momogami. This period couldn't last however- After the first few years of the Momogami estate's reign, an uptick in Demon attacks had begun plaguing the country with nobody able to truly explain it. The demon attacks were coordinated and concentrated, and in the wake of a violent tragedy where an onslaught of the demons had massacred several high-profile Momogami backed politicians and their foreign benefactors, the government had no choice but to destroy the demons from the suspected source.
Kagegashima, the shadowed island. Unreachable by humans, it was later renamed “Demon Island”, and the Tenryu samurai opted to monitor it for approaching demons, but it’d soon become clear that it wouldn’t be enough.
You take the role of Flower Momogami, one of 25 of the most powerful priestesses within the ranks of the Momogami governing body. It is believed that the combined magic power of all of them would be enough to allow safe entry past the impenetrable magic storm that surrounds Demon island. Unfortunately, only Flower would survive the boat trip into the maws of hell, and thus the beginning of a nightmarish adventure begins.


To the East of Demon Island (鬼ヶ島の東へ Onigashima no Higashi-e) is a hyper-8-bit-surreal-horror-action platformer in a similar vein to arcade and 8-bit classics such as Ghosts n Goblins and Castlevania. Tirk Baron and the crew at Polyanna Video invite you down a rabbit hole of sprawling colorful landscapes and twisted nightmare realms that bend the boundaries between 8-bit and 64-bit sensibilities. Flower must run, jump, and utilize an array of holy weaponry to overcome the demons that lurk every corner of the island in this challenging tale of Japanese-style horror.

To the East of Demon Island was initially conceived in early 2019 as a project utilizing a setting and characters that have been with me for almost 2 decades now. Originally planned as a top-down puzzle focused adventure game, it became clear the true vision for the story was better suited for the action genre, and thus the current 2D Platformer build began marginal development in late 2019, and continues to this day. The characters and stories within are inspired by those I brainstormed with my Japanese aunt, who I lived with during my youth, and who inspired basically every part of my personality and interests. While she's probably too old for this video game stuff nowadays, I can only hope the end product does justice to those silly 20 year old tales, and satisfies everyone who's contributed to the project so far. :)


FLOWER MOMOGAMI:The main character and who you control for the entire game. The child of a beloved handmaid to the extended Momogami family, she was largely kept in the background due to a disability that renders her incapable of audible speech, considered a bad omen brought on by a curse. While normally someone like her would never have the chance to become a Priestess, a title reserved for a special class of holy magic practitioners, her extraordinary powers gained from years of training in seclusion as well as innate resentment were enough to halt several demon attacks singlehandedly. After these events, she was finally granted the rank of a Priestess, but couldn’t celebrate that accomplishment long. Instead of being finally seen as a person, she was now a weapon to be deployed for the politican gain of the Momogami and their foreign benefactors.
After the tragedy at the Tenryu Enlightenment Summit, the Momogami had decided to enact their final operation against demon island, and send 25 of their strongest priestesses to the impenetrable island, believing that their combined magic power would be enough to allow a safe entry. As the only survivor of this doomed operation, Flower travels to the heart of Onigashima to destroy it once and for all.

JANINE LAFAYETTE: A mysterious witch from the foreign land of Paleta, and the only known surviving student of the archwitch Wulpurgisnacht Lafayette. A criminal with a high bounty placed on her head by the UCV. Any attempt to eliminate, capture, or apprehend her had proven unsuccessful for the longest time until Flower showed up on UCV contract, a few months after the fall of a powerful country in Paleta. After a long and arduous conflict, Flower had defeated her in battle, leading to her long-awaited capture and execution by the world's largest military.
It wasn’t too long after this that Janine woke up in a massive cave in the heart of the Dokuzan mountain, in the middle of Demon Island. Abnormally however, Janine wasn’t revived as a demon. She was still a flesh-and-blood human upon her revival, the sheer power of her black magic protecting her from taking Oni form, and it was clear the end result was far more powerful than a simple Oni ever could be. From that point on, Janine had grown a near unhealthy obsession with Flower, the one who had given her a taste of her inevitable mortality, and now wants to make her power her own, some way, somehow.

ONIBABA: An elderly demon who takes up residence on the shores of Demon Island. After Flower washes up ashore, she and her minions scout out for her location, looking to bring the poor soul into her care. While benevolent on the surface, her erratic behavior suggests she isn't all what she seems.

HAMMER-MAN: A fearsome demon already previously infamous for his killing sprees in Tenryu. Supposedly a well-respected farm worker in a previous life, he now wields a special cursed hammer that can destroy anything in one swing, and uses it to great effect. While nobody has seen Hammer-man's work in action long enough to back up these claims, just the fear of his presence is enough to induce shortage of breath.

ROKUHAN: A secretive demon whose abilities are an enigma, but is believed to be the remnant of a high ranking Tenryu soldier. Shows great interest in Flower for unknown reasons. An advid enthusaist for poetry and papercraft in his spare time.

TSUBAGAME: A turtle demon with an identity that not even he's sure of, with some believing him to be an oni born from nothing. Had previously attacked Flower during an assassination attempt, but fled upon realizing her true innate power. With a few more months of strict training under his belt, this shell-shocker is ready for the rematch of the century.

The waves, at least,
find their way at night to the shore
of Sumi Inlet.
Do you avoid my dreams at night
out of fears of prying eyes?
-- Fujiwara no Toshiyuki


  • A challenging side scrolling platformer inspired by the classics, right down to the inane design sensibilities.
  • 8 bit style meets 3D fidelity, with locations and characters that push the limits of basic artistic comprehension.
  • Suitably eclectic soundtrack brought to you by oth_radar and PandorasBread
  • Approx. 15 fearsome levels stuffed with as many enemies and bosses one could manage before losing all senses.
  • 4 different weapons in the form of game-changing power ups. Strategize for yourself which ones are best suited for the job
  • Approx. 2.5 hours in length we think idk

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