This is a list of my current game-related projects that may or may not get done within my lifetime. We'll just have to see about that, shall we!?!?!?!


The first game release from Polyanna Video, THE DEMON ISLAND MASSACRE is a challenging action platformer in a similar vein to arcade and 8-bit classics such as Ghosts n Goblins and Castlevania. The priestess Flower Momogami must run, jump, and utilize an array of holy weaponry to overcome the demons that lurk every corner during the invasion of Tenryu.
The first chapter in this tale of Japanese-style horror is only the beginning, so stay tuned for even more dread soon to come.


Within the hostile deserts of an unknown continent, overrun by drones from the western government and mysterious beings known as "Cryo-Creatures", a group of insect nomads make their way through the cracks in the desert mountains. Their goal is to make it across to the nearby temple, a supposed safe haven run by The Queen of Serenity. Among these nomads is Deemu, an airheaded Bumblebon with no memories, the only thing she can muster up being the vague recollection of someone named Rubine. The bumblebons were a peace-loving race of bee fairies, but in their desperate fight against the humans who cared of little but greed, they tapped into a forbidden technology, beings known as the Megascoles, to fight the humans on their behalf. This was unfortunately their undoing, and the bumblebons were wiped off the map after a brutal war against their human opposition.

As the nomads continued their traversal across the dangerous sands, Deemu had fallen down a creavasse, and bore witness to an awe-inspiring sight- an armored humanoid buried in the desert sands. For as large and powerful as the inert humanoid machine seemed, something about it seemed familiar to her. Before any locked-away memories could rise to the surface, the nomads in their attempt to call out for Deemu had attacted the attention of the Cryo-creatures. Just when all seemed lost, the humanoid began to slowly activate, and with even its limited motor functions effortlessly swatted away the incoming cryo-assault.
As the machine rose from the sands, all Deemu could think to do was to ask it what it's name was. Once the sand from its armor's cracks poured out, it managed a calm response-

"I am the Megascole Warrior
I am the Eternal Guardian.
I Stand at the edge of reality, seeing the endless sky with vision unceasing
My name is Rubine."

The tiny bumblebon nodded.
"I believe you"

Eternal Guardian Rubine is a 3D action game in the style of various 5th generation classics, such as Mega Man Legends and Virtual-On. Throughout the duration of the game, Rubine must come to terms with her self-worth and discover fulfillment while dealing with her existence as a tool of mass destruction.

SHADOW KNIGHT STORY (aka Rabbit Village)

*Screenshots are pretty old and slightly differs from the current art style

My first real game project and the one that I hold closest to my heart. It's a rather long-term project, being a full RPG and all, so don't expect to see it until a good deal later.
This game centers around Marron, a strong pink rabbit dude with ambitions to become the first bestial knight in the kingdom of Grateniss. Throughout his many trials and tribulations, Marron makes new friends and fierce enemies in this JRPG inspired by the Paper Mario series and Chrono Trigger, with perhaps a bit more below the surface than one would expect.